Groovy Dice 1.4.1 is the latest official stable release.

Groovy Dice is available for download at the project's website. This package contains all JAR files needed to use Groovy Dice in a Java/Groovy application, the complete source code and an offline version of this website.

Maven 2 Artifact

If you want to add Groovy Dice as a dependency, just put the following snippet to your POM:

        <name> Repository for Maven</name>


Getting Groovy Dice from the source control server

Another way to get Groovy Dice is to checkout its code directly from our Subversion server. For more information, read the source repository page.

How to build?

Groovy Dice is built by Maven 2.

After check out the code, just open the terminal (bash, ms-dos prompt, whatever) and run the following command line at the project's root folder:

mvn package site

This command line will compile the source code, run all test cases and create the Groovy Dice JAR file. An offline version of this website will be generated as well.

Needless to say that you must have Maven 2 installed in your machine. Further instructions on how to download and configure Maven can be found at Maven's website.