How to Contribute

As with any open source project, there are several ways you can help:

  • Report bugs, feature requests and other issues in the issue tracking application;
  • Submit patches to reported issues (both those you find, or that others have filed);
  • Help with the documentation by pointing out areas that are lacking or unclear, and if you are so inclined, submitting patches to correct it;
  • Improve the overall project quality by suggesting refactorings and improving the test cases. A great way to learn - and in turn give value back to the community - is to review someone else's code. So, we invite you to review ours;
  • Write about Groovy Dice in your blog or personal web site. Let your friends know about this project.

Your participation is much appreciated.

How do I join the team?

Those that the developers notice participating to a high extent will be invited to join the team as a committer.

This is as much based on personality and ability to work with other developers and the community as it is with proven technical ability. Being unhelpful to other users, or obviously looking to become a committer for bragging rights and nothing else is frowned upon, as is asking to be made a committer without having contributed sufficiently to be invited.