Getting Help

Something didn't work as you expected it to? You think that Groovy Dice is broken. What should you do?

Here's a list of actions that you can take.

Understand the error messages

Most errors can be easily fixed when you pay attention to the error messages given back to you.

Read the documentation

Are you sure you are doing things the right way? With a brief look at the documentation you might find some sample code that shows whether you are doing something wrong.

Take a look at the forums and open tickets

If you couldn't solve your problem - even examining carefully the error messages and log files - there's a chance that someone else might have experienced this very situation.

To avoid posting duplicated issues and questions, you can search for a solution in the following places:

  1. issue manager
  2. forums

Don't expect to get an answer right away. Sometimes it takes a couple of days.

Submit an issue

If it turns out that there is indeed something wrong with Groovy Dice, you should report it to our issue management system.

You don't have to be registered at in order to submit an issue. However, we recommend you to register if you want to be notified when something happen to that issue.


Usually just describing the problem is not enough. It takes a developer some time to figure out the problem.

To make our work easier, please attach a working code that we can download and run. You don't need to send us the code of your precious application tough; a sample application that can be used to verify that it is indeed a bug is enough.

Don't forget to tell us more about your environment (operating system, JDK version, Groovy version, Groovy Dice version, your project's dependencies, etc).